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Tigers Briefly Escape Georgia Safari Park After Tornado Damage

Tigers - Unsplash
Tigers - Unsplash

PINE MOUNTAIN, Ga. — Two tigers briefly escaped from their enclosures at Pine Mountain Animal Safari in Georgia on Sunday after a probable tornado caused significant damage to the park.

In the early morning hours, the Troup County Sheriff’s Office reported one tiger missing from the drive-through zoo. Later, the park confirmed that both tigers were found, tranquilized, and safely returned to their enclosures.

Zac Steele, Troup County’s emergency management director, said the storm damaged the enclosures, allowing the tigers an opportunity to escape. The park, which spans 300 acres and is home to 75 species of animals, remained closed Sunday as authorities assessed the damage.

Located about 75 miles southwest of Atlanta, Pine Mountain Animal Safari allows visitors to drive through a 3½-mile trail of free-roaming animals, offering a safari-like experience.

The storm struck after tornado warnings were issued for parts of Georgia, including southeastern Troup County. Tornadoes hit Mississippi and Alabama before reaching Georgia over the weekend, killing 26 people and causing extensive damage to buildings.

Troup County was under a flood watch on Sunday afternoon, with authorities remaining cautious about potential storms.

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